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TheFamily nurtures Entrepreneurs through Education, Unfair Advantages & Capital.
Moving at startup speed, TheFamily is transforming a portfolio of non-linear companies, special projects and virtual infrastructures into a connected community of entrepreneurs, operators & fellow investors who inspire and support each other.

We’re warriors-on-demand for entrepreneurs.

We’re not an incubator, not a VC, not an accelerator. 
We are the family for entrepreneurs in Europe.

Our mission is to:

  • - Educate entrepreneurs — because it is all about mindset.
  • - Build an infrastructure to empower them — because it’s all about scalability.
  • - Build a privileged access to smart investors — because ambition goes with money.

If the right tool is out there, we get it, and we get it at a discount. 
If the right tool doesn’t exist, we build it as a spin-off. 
If entrepreneurs have passion, we push them to express it and find their superfans. 
If someone wants to found a startup to make money, we tell them to go find another job.

The Family is a platform that unites entrepreneurs across Europe in Paris, London and Berlin. 
We don’t have three offices, we have one office, in three locations.

It is time to stop looking for what city will be the next Silicon Valley.
We can build something even better: a startup continent that is diverse, dynamic and open.