Total Raised

Side's mission is simple but ambitious: create the smoothest work experience, matching company's temporary needs with qualified profiles within seconds. Each month, thousands of Siders and companies - e.g. HelloFresh, Deliveroo, Urban Massage, Soundcloud, Uber, Stripe - are using Side on a regular basis, from missions of a few hours to several months.Since the launch in 2015, Side has been growing fast and is now managing thousands of tasks every month in France and in the UK. Side is based in Paris and London and plan to expand into new cities, industries and job categories.After a new funding round that brings to a total of $7.2M in funding, Side is supported by Xavier Niel, Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Bernard Arnault (Aglaé Ventures), Connect Ventures (Citymapper, Typeform investor), Fly Ventures, Kima Ventures, The Family and many A-level Business Angels.