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Maximize your customer satisfaction

Clients deserve the best: no more waiting, no more transfers between services! With bots, they always reach the right person and get answers instantly 24/7.

Instant integration

Already integrated in your Salesforce and Zendesk admins, you can add a bot to your customer support in a clic, with minimal setup!

Boost your productivity

By reducing the time allocated to a part of your support, refocus your teams on more case-specific client assistance to become a reference to your customers!

With messaging apps overpowering social networks, bots are the only way to follow the explosion of conversation as an interface. That's why Recast.AI provides the best AI platform to build bots! With our custom AI and NLP technology, you can train, build, host, connect and monitor bots very easily.

Founded in 2015 by Patrick Joubert, Jasmine Anteunis, Paul Renvoisé and Julien Blancher, Recast.AI raised 2M€ in seed funding in June 2016, and is now preparing its next round of funding.


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