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Keecker is a life-changing device for any home in the world. All homes need digital entertainment, security and communication: Keecker provides all three and more.

Keecker is the first robot that provides entertainment, security, communication and smart data for the entire home at once. A large screen, great sound, a camera, a powerful computer and environmental sensors, not in one particular location but in all rooms as it moves autonomously throughout the home.

Inside the robot is an Android-based computer on which any Google Play store app can be downloaded. It contains a smart video projector that can be oriented at 90° to have a screen on a wall, a door or a ceiling. Its sound system is second to none, providing a great surround sound wherever it is. Its camera, great for group chats, captures at 360° all around it and displays everything it sees and everyone around it at once. Keecker also captures and analyses home essential information (temperature, humidity, CO2, light, noise levels) to take the pulse of homes and alert users in real time in case of unusual events. Finally Keecker maps homes and continuously learns about its environment, people and usage patterns. Users can call it to come to them, follow them or go check in particular rooms.

Keecker provides these possibilities to every room. So you can watch Netflix, cinema size, in your bed, get the kids to play in their room, Skype with friends while cooking, freely, cable-free, simply and intuitively. Even while away from home, the Keecker smartphone application lets you check in, move around remotely see anywhere at home, chat and be seen: as close as it gets to teleportation. 

Our principles: open (through Android and our open SDK), smart (through machine learning and AI), safe (through secure and user centric encryption).

Keecker’s robot is the next home platform for new apps, new usages centered around collective use cases.


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