Brand Manager

# You

You're the Bruce Lee of words: you're fast and powerful. You're always the one who talks at weddings and important times (or at least you're the one who writes down the script), because you find the way to express complex things. 
You like to talk, but you like to read even more. You like to adapt your tone to the context, and to the people you're talking or writing to. 
You like to convince, you know how to use words to reach your goal. You're honnest, and always use the right words for the right concepts.

# What you'll be doing

Senior Front-End Developer (React / React Native)

You will be responsible for designing, developing and shipping our app on iOS & Android. You will work closely with backend engineers and you’ll extends our GraphQL endpoint to query our micro services. You share and will keep our core values in mind: maintainability, scalability and security. You will ensure a high standard of coding, following best practices and continuous integration processes!

What you'll be doing


Curve simplifies the way you spend, see and save your money - by combining all your cards into one Mastercard, connected to a mobile app.


All you need to manage your stuff.
Do your Job, Shine manage all the other things: contracts, invoices, customer care, etc.



Railsbank is a banking and compliance platform that connects together a global network of partner banks with companies who want API access to global banking.

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