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Inato allows sponsors and CROs to predict and tailor their recruitment strategy before the launch of clinical trials to reduce timelines.

Bringing down the cost of drug development

Site selection is the single most decisive step of a clinical trial. However, life science companies lack the tools to reliably screen sites & investigators at scale. As a consequence, in any given trial, 30% of sites do not recruit a single patient. 
By accelerating clinical trials, Inato helps bring novel therapies to patients faster and at a more affordable price.


We analyze dozens of data sources to identify the best investigators among 1,200,000+ physicians, covering 200,000+ sites with experience in 900,000+ studies.


Our machine learning algorithms cross-check data sources and feed off user feedback to continuously improve reliability and traceability.


Our AI does the legwork to provide personalized insights allowing our client's staff to focus on tasks where they can leverage their expertise.


Funding Rounds
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1    Nov 15, 2017
Seed Round - Inato
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Inato : une levée de fonds MedTech dans le cercle TheFamily - 11/16/2017

Incubée chez TheFamily, la start-up Inato, qui applique l’analyse de données à l’optimisation des essais cliniques, lève 1,3 million d’euros en amorçage.

Comment optimiser, en tenant compte[...]

Inato lève 1,3 million d’euros pour faciliter le lancement d’essais cliniques - 11/15/2017

Inato annonce une levée de 1,3 million d’euros auprès de Serena Data Venture, le fonds Data+AI de Serena Capital, Fly Ventures,[...]

Inato lève 1,3 million d’euros pour faire baisser le coût des essais cliniques - 11/15/2017

La startup Inato a mis au point une solution permettant de cibler les médecins les plus à même d’être intéressés et de correspondre aux exigences d’un essai clinique, préalable à la mise[...]