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DataGalaxy is the first agile data governance platform, a next-generation solution to unlock organizations data knowledge value.


Business Pitch

What makes our business innovativeData sources and volume are exploding.Organizations are struggling to harness the data knowledge fragmentation. IT and business teams have to deal with language gaps, diversity of tools and spend hours to discover and share a common knowledge about their data. Today, obtaining data definition,location,usage and impact of changes are time-consuming and inefficient. We believe that data knowledge must be shared and accessed in real-time by everyone. We are building DataGalaxy to make it possible.


What makes our business innovative

How are we disrupting the marketTargeting the full scope of both functional and technical aspects of data knowledge in an integrated platform provides a thorough sharing and real-time team working experience for 360° data vision.Our bottom-up approach to crowd data knowledge is a real breakthrough shattering outdated top-down approaches and spreadsheets proliferation.Combined with data lineage,AI assistance and advanced user experience,DataGalaxy unlock the data knowledge value of entire organizations and empower all the users.

How are we disrupting the market

Data governance(DG) projects are always synonymous of complex and costly project with poor ROI and weak impact for operational teams.With DataGalaxy, we empower every user on their daily work to capitalize and leverage their data knowledge and accelerate their projects. For organizations, we provide agile crowded DG without changing their process,and truly effective ROI. Our business model is designed to totally disrupt the DG market and make it affordable. We will change the game rules.

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1    Jun 6, 2017
Seed - DataGalaxy


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