Brand Manager

# You

You're the Bruce Lee of words: you're fast and powerful. You're always the one who talks at weddings and important times (or at least you're the one who writes down the script), because you find the way to express complex things. 
You like to talk, but you like to read even more. You like to adapt your tone to the context, and to the people you're talking or writing to. 
You like to convince, you know how to use words to reach your goal. You're honnest, and always use the right words for the right concepts.

# What you'll be doing

- Build the brand platform for Shine: define the right tone and content to accurately target our customers. Shine is a brand and product focused company, and using the right vocabulary to explain in plain language the complexity that we deal with is of utmost importance. 
- Build and update the "marketing bible" of the company, that anyone will be able to refer to in need of content. 
- Write all the public content for the brand: app wording, website, packaging, newsletters, blog posts etc. 
- Work closely with the design team and product team to be the "word designer" of the product.

# What you should be good at

- You're an excellent communicator 
- You're creative and enthusiastic 
- You're a good listener: anticipating others' troubles/expectations makes you feel happier than a fat pizza 
- You're a leader, at ease working in teams 
- You're well organized 
- You're definitely a grammar nazi

# Perks

- Competitive salary 
- Bicycle mileage 
- 50% coverage of public transport card 
- 100% coverage of the health insurance: for the employee, his/her spouse and children. Yes that's pretty awesome, we know. 
- Sport package 300 € / year: competitions, classes, gym ... Take care of yourself <3 
- Meal plan 10 € / day: a bit like the lunch voucher but better 
- 100% coverage of Spotify Premium subscription, because music is love 
- Passionate, endearing workmates!

Monday, October 30, 2017
Monday, October 30, 2017
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Business Development
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