Six Ways K-2 Teachers Improved Lalilo

by ABDI Benjamin | 11/17/2017 |

We listened to you and made the following changes to our platform. Your training in early childhood education and English Language Arts for young readers has transformed our content, design, and way of thinking.

  1. You said, “Get ready for everyone to have the answer.”

We designed our digital classroom to accommodate 25 or more students who want to contribute. Lalilo won’t crash or have difficulties when you see what they have to say.

2. You said, “Make Lalilo like a smooth ride.”

We’ve eliminated the need to click through an exercise. In addition, students don’t repeat the same exercises. The Lalilo team created exercises that allow students to fly solo without getting tired and bored.

3. You said, “Generate reports I can use.”

Lalilo’s team worked to organize data into useful reports and calls to action. Let us know if you have more suggestions. Also, check out this related article, Rupa Gupta’s “The Case Against Automated Student Data Dashboards.”

4. You said, “Make Lalilo less of a game.”

Our exercises teach students to read without candy, jewels, or prizes. Literacy isn’t a carnival game. It’s an adventure filled with sounds, stories, and amazing characters.

5. You said, “No more decoding.”

In response, the Lalilo team designed the exercises to increase a student’s interest and love of reading. We care about plots, authors, editing, and illustration. We want your students to become fantastic writers.

6. You said, “I want students, not zombies.”

Lalilo’s exercises allow students to interact with one another and with you. The kids aren’t hooked on games for hours. The activities relate to the phoneme and grapheme content you review in class, as well as the stories you cover.

Thank you for helping us create a great product. As a result of your efforts, Lalilo is well-designed and responsive to teachers’ needs. We designed the product to help make a class a community of learners. Please send feedback about Lalilo our way so we can continue to improve.

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